Leak Detection in metro Atlanta

Do you suspect you have a leak? Call Atlanta’s premier Leak Detection Company. We can find any leak in your home or business.

A leaky pipe or faucet can be devastating in your home. Leaks can damage your floors and ceilings, waste countless gallons of water and worst of all, they’re often extremely hard to find and diagnose. Leak detection is a fine art form – one that we have been practicing for many years in the Atlanta area.

With Water Removal Services Today, you will get the best quality service every step of the way – from the initial consultation to the leak detection process to the patching and prevention of future leaks. We want your home to stay dry and safe.

Leak Detection That Works

Some companies can detect a leak, but along the way may cause damage to your home or create worse problems that will then need to be fixed later. You can rest assured that our highly trained, expert plumbers will not only find your leaks quickly and efficiently, but patch them without causing any damage to your home.

Leak detection starts with state of the art technology that minimizes invasiveness. Our detection equipment works with in-home pipes, swimming pools, and outdoor drains and spigots alike.

Symptoms of a Leak

Some plumbing leaks are simple enough to pinpoint – water flowing from a place that it shouldn’t, drips coming from your ceiling, or pools forming in your flower beds are all signs of an unwanted leak.

At first, you may not notice that your home has a water leak, but in short order these symptoms will start to appear and if they don’t resolve themselves and you cannot find a source, it is time to call a pro.

Water Removal Services Today provides 24 hour emergency plumbing services. Sometimes, there may be a leak in your Atlanta home.

Here are some signs that you may have a leak:

  • Water bills that seem unusually high.
  • Water meter readings changing when not using water.
  • Sewer backup problems that become chronic.
  • Running toilets and dripping faucets.
  • Running water sounds when nothing is in use.
  • Spongy, soft, or discolored walls.
  • Musty odors from floors, walls near drains, or sewers.
  • Cracked, or unusually damp foundation or slab.
  • Warm areas on concrete floors, mildew, or excessive moisture under carpets.
  • In the yard, particularly wet or moist areas that are unusually wet or moist.

Call Water Removal Services Today to Stop Your Leak in Atlanta.