Structural Drying

Is your home or business soaked with water? Do you need industrial professional drying?

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The most effective way to mitigate water damage and prevent fungi growth is to begin the drying process quickly. It’s essential to dry all structural materials with heat, air movement and by lowering the indoor relative humidity.

The Most Advanced Equipment for Structural Drying
We leverage the most advanced drying equipment on the market today, to restore your property to its original condition, or better, and to get you moved back in as quickly as possible. We don’t cut corners; we provide the highest level of quality. Our arsenal of sophisticated drying equipment includes:

  • Desiccants and commercial engineered power generators to dry structures and minimize secondary water damage
  • Dehumidifiers prevent the spread of water damage to secondary areas
  • High velocity axial and lateral air movers to create airflow and evaporate moisture
  • Negative air machines and HEPA air scrubbers remove airborne pathogens and contaminants
  • Moisture sensors/readers, infrared technology, hygrometers, and microchips read surfaces to measure moisture content
  • Self-contained vacuums equipped with water holding tanks extract standing water and bulk sewage
  • Industrial disinfectants to clean and sanitize hard surfaces

Desiccant Drying Unit