Toxic Materials Atlanta

When a commercial property or home is exposed to black water that contains toxic material—either through sewage back up, flooding from seawater, ground surface water or rivers and streams—special steps are necessary to ensure the safety of all inhabitants. That’s because large amounts of bacteria can pose serious health risks. In fact, the bacteria introduced to a building can stay active indefinitely if left untreated. Advanced restoration methods are necessary to rid the structure of all traces of sewage and make it clean and safe for occupancy.

Toxic Material Removal Process
We use a proven process—according to IICRC standards—to handle even the most challenging situation. Our knowledge and experience make us uniquely able to handle toxic water cleanups and restoration with ease and confidence.

Care is taken to avoid disturbing the bacteria, in order to prevent it becoming airborne. All doors and windows remain closed during clean up, and typical fans and blowers used to dry a structure are not be used in the early stages of a sewage cleanup project. Negative air machines, equipped with HEPA filtration, are utilized to remove bacteria and other contaminants from the air.
Standing water and bulk sewage are extracted with self-contained vacuum equipment, with proper waste holding tanks.
We dispose of waste in an appropriate sanitation station or, authorized facility.
All impacted hard surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. We remove soft structural materials such as flooring and underlayment. We remove all wall coverings and plaster wallboard and properly dispose of them. Any material that absorbs substantial amounts of moisture is removed.
Once contaminated materials have been removed a second application of sanitizers is applied to all work surfaces
Toxic material removal often requires that we deconstruct walls, floors, and other structural elements. Once we’ve effectively addressed all hazardous substances, we are able to begin reconstructing the property. Learn more about our reconstruction services.