Water Removal and Mitigation

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Our certified and experienced water damage Atlanta specialists have extensive experience extracting water and sewage from residential and commercial properties. Our expert team walks with you every step of the process until your property is at least as good as its pre-disaster condition. Best of all, we use insurance standard software Xactimate to create insurance-approved estimates and then work directly with your insurance company to protect you from the costs of extraction and repair.

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Water disasters are always disorienting and emotionally taxing. The process often involves plumbers, insurance adjusters, demolition of irreparably affected areas, water damage extraction and dry out teams, and contractors to rebuild your home to its original condition. Many of our managers and staff have been in your shoes in the past and know first hand the stress and confusion of a water damage emergency. That is why our customers come first, and you will find that we are your advocates during each stage of the restoration process. Our experienced team of water damage experts includes licensed plumbers and insurance adjusters, certified mitigation teams, experienced claims analysts, and reputable contractors will ensure that each stage in your home’s restoration is compliant with ABRA safety standards and local codes.

Water Extraction at the Georgia Aquarium

Water Extraction at Georgia State University Football Stadium

Water Extraction at Quality Inn – 380 Rooms Flooded

Generally, the water damage restoration process follows the following steps:

Step 1: You or a professional identify the source of the water intrusion and stop it.

Sometimes the source of the water damage is obvious and sometimes it is hard to find.  Regardless, the first step is to identify the source of the water damage and then stop that source from making the situation worse.

Step 2: Determine the scope of the water damage and contain affected areas.

This critical step both ensures that all water damage is properly mitigated, which protects you from future mold and other residual problems, and prevents the water damage from spreading to other areas of your property during the mitigation.  Water has a unique ability to spread and find its way into and through most surfaces, walls, floors, and other obstructions.  Many times it is not apparent to the naked eye or even touch where water damage has occurred.  This is why we use moisture meters and thermal cameras to identify all the affected areas. Proper containment keeps the damage localized and protects you from residual problems in the future.

Step 3: Demolition and removal of all materials.

Depending on the amount of water damage caused, some materials such as flooring, subfloor, and drywall may need to be demolished and removed from the affected area in order to salvage the framing and substructure and to prevent bacterial infection and mold.  This step is not always necessary, but often is in water disasters that involve a large volume of water or disasters that involve black, or dirty, water from backed up sewage or the outside. Furthermore, in any demolition situation, our crew will carefully separate and store your personal property.  Some may be salvageable and some may not.  Our expert team will be able to help you understand what is destroyed and what can be saved.  The items that can be saved or remained unaffected will be carefully stored outside the affected area.  Destroyed items will be disposed of.

Step 4: Water extraction, drying, and decontamination.

At this point, the affected area is ready for water extraction and drying.  Our certified team will extract any standing water, begin the drying process of the affected area, and treat the affected area to prevent bacteria and mold.  Though times can vary dramatically, this process normally takes three or four days.

Step 5: Rebuilding.

Once your property is dry and contaminant free, you will work with your assigned project manager to make your home right again.  Your project manager works with you closely to provide options to rebuild the destroyed parts of the affected area.  Because of the volume of materials we buy from wholesalers, we often get incredible deals on a variety of things such as flooring, painting, and cabinets, but we pass the savings to you.  Even though your insurance company will pay the cost of the rebuild, our awesome deals usually allow our customers to take advantage of their disaster as an opportunity to make upgrades within the scope of their water damage claim. Once you have worked out what you want with your project manager, he or she will oversee that your affected area is rebuilt to your specification and satisfaction.  At Water Removal Services, our job is not done until you walk through the end result and sign a certificate of completion, indicating your satisfaction with our services.

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